with the cooperation of the Municipalities...


Five municipalities of Fthiotida: Lamia, Domokos, Makrakomi, Stylida and Amfikleia - Elateia, created the first Developmenta Organization of the country, joining forces with a "Modern Amphictyonia", in implementation of the new relevant Legislative Framework. Municipalities join forces with developmental, scientific, employment promotion and promotion of their areas with parallel planning and implementation of actions aimed at improving the daily life of their citizens.

Goals and objectives

Objectives of the Developmental


The scientific, technical and administrative support of the members of...



The undertaking of execution, supervision and supervision of public studies and projects on behalf of its members and other local authorities...



The promotion of business, economic and generally sustainable development...


Area of Responsibility

All the regions of the Municipalities - shareholders maintain their uniqueness at various levels (geographical location, administrative characteristics, geomorphology, demographic characteristics, productive - economic activity, spatial structure, natural and cultural environment, technical, social and development infrastructures).

Local specificities clearly highlight specific advantages and disadvantages recommending development priorities. Consequently, the physiognomy of the area of ​​action prescribes the framework for exercising and specializing the development role of the organization and the scope for its further assistance in improving local development indicators.

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Proposal and decision-making stakeholders

The General Meeting of Shareholders is the highest body and has the right to decide on every corporate matter. She elects the Board of Directors, which is responsible for the management of the business.

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